DabB has been promoting equality, right and inclusion of disabled people in the borough of Barnet since 1972


DabB is committed to working within the Social Model of Disability and working towards the removal of social, environmental and attitudinal barriers that prevent disabled people from leading a full and active life in the community.  Disabled people in the borough are encouraged to find out about and take advantage of services and opportunities that are available to them.  DabB further promotes a greater awareness of the needs, rights, aspirations and achievements of disabled people together with working within an equal opportunities framework. 

Plans for the Future

After losing funding for our Information and Advice service in 2014 we continued to receive phone calls and emails asking for help.  We signposted callers to the new service provider but it was clear that the disabled community were being denied the very efficient service operated by DabB for so many years.    For this reason, DabB started its voluntary Outreach Service in October 2015 and will now be applying for funding to secure a full time operating Information and Advice Service

email:  office.dabb.org.uk@gmail.com

DabB has adopted the policy of promoting a greater understanding of the aspirations, rights and needs of disabled people in the London Borough of Barnet and by acting as an information resource on all aspects of disability.  DabB supports and promotes the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, one of the 9 main pieces of legislation that have been merged into the Equality Act 2010.  

We are looking for volunteers for our Outreach Project. To apply, please contact us on:   07983 964 365 or email: office.dabb.org.uk@gmail.com